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Hush Acoustic Phone Booth with Cosmos Grey Shelf

Hush Acoustic Phone Booth with Cosmos Grey Shelf

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Hush Acoustic Phone Booth with Cosmos Grey Shelf is ideal for important calls or video conferences so you can have conversations in privacy without disturbing your colleagues.

As well as being the perfect break-out space for when you don’t need everyone across your conversation, Hush Phone is a key element to reducing noise in open plan office spaces.

Hush Acoustic Phone Booth with Cosmos Grey Shelf Technical Features: 

  • Led ceiling light run by motion sensor
  • Active ventilation run by motion sensor
  • Power module (single power, double USB)
  • Toughened acoustic glass door with handle
  • Glazed rear wall with stylish central panel design Ergonomic shelf / storage
  • Fold-away Black Velvet laptop table
  • Acoustic lined fabric panels
  • Integral carpeted floor
  • Levelling feet
  • Castors for agility
  • Anti-collision door manifestation

Finishes : 

Cosmos Grey Outer Shell 

Wool Pelikan TPC Interior Upholstery 

Black Velvet Fold away Laptop Table 
Cosmos Grey Shelf 

Specifications : 

Width: 1000mm
Height : 2200mm
Depth: 900mm
Weight: 320kg

Perfect For : 


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