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Qzone Sound Proof Phone and Work Booth

Qzone Sound Proof Phone and Work Booth

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Qzone Sound Proof Phone and Work Booth adds a private acoustic sound proof space to your busy workplace. 
Comes with a table top and has motion sensor, light, extraction fan and in desk power and USB outlets. Add a wireless fast-charge to the worktop, bookshelf, stool, extra window or a bag hook as an optional add on.  Internal acoustic panelling walls in the sound proof office pod absorb 20dB of noise as tested in a simulated environment. The 8mm frameless glass door is made from the best quality double laminated safety glass. The walls are prefabricated from a combination of 18mm wall panel, sound-absorbing foam and acoustic rated recycled PET panel.

Qzone Sound Proof Phone and Work Booth Features :
  • New Oak or White front panel and table top.
  • Grey acoustic outer side panels to help tune out noise.
  • Ventilation system (High volume, low noise fan).
  • Sensor fan and light.
  • 8mm Toughened Glass Door with magnetic latching system
  • Smart Air Reticulating System
  • Comes with benchtop with in desk power.
  • 1100W x 1100D x 2215H.
  • Large range of colour/ print customizations available on the side panels.
  • Waffle Foam internal walls absorb 75% of sound waves (100 fold reduction in sound intensity)
  • 10 Year Warranty.

Qzone Specs : 

Button Stool (Add- On) Specs : 

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Optional extras include corporate branding, frosting on the glass, wireless fast charger, stool inside, window panel to back wall or a box shelf upgrade.
Contact Us for upgrades.

Check out our blog to learn more about the Qzone phone booth HERE .

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