Collection: 10 Person Cluster

10 Person Workstations: Maximising Office Space & Productivity

Struggling to fit your team into a cramped office space? Consider our range of 10-person workstations from our selection at the Office Furniture Company. These setups are designed to support your team's collaboration and productivity without sacrificing style or space. 

Our store stands out as your go-to for reliable, stylish office solutions that meet the demands of today's dynamic work environments. Here, you'll find robust product descriptions, customer reviews, and tips on choosing the right configurations for your workspace. 

Compare our office workstations to ensure you make the best choice for your office needs. Discover how our 10-person workstations can transform your work area into a hub of efficiency.

Advantages of 10-Person Workstations

Choosing a 10-person workstation brings several tangible benefits to any workspace. Here's why they make such a smart choice for your office:

Enhanced Team Collaboration

With a shared workspace, communication flows freely. Teams can easily discuss ideas and solve problems together, which boosts productivity and fosters a cooperative environment.

Space Efficiency

These workstations are designed to maximise office space. By accommodating more people in a smaller footprint, you optimise your office layout and save on real estate costs.


Investing in a single, larger workstation rather than multiple smaller ones reduces costs significantly. You save on both purchase price and ongoing maintenance.

Consistency in Design

A uniform workstation setup enhances the aesthetic of your office. It creates a professional look that can impress clients and motivate staff.


Many of our office desking solutions come with configurable components. This flexibility means you can adapt the workspace as your team or business needs change.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Managing tech infrastructure becomes simpler with a centralised station. Wiring, network connections, and shared resources are more manageable, which reduces IT headaches.

Improved Supervision

For managers, overseeing a team is easier when everyone is in one place. This can lead to better management and increased accountability among team members.

Top 10-Person Workstations—Find Yours Here

When you need a workspace solution that caters to a dynamic team, our 10-person workstations are your best bet. We have a range of options to suit any office aesthetic and functional requirement. Here's why choosing us will benefit your team and your business:

  • Quality and Durability: Our Deluxe and Eternity series workstations are built to last, offering robust construction and sleek designs. Whether you prefer the sophisticated look of the Deluxe Profile Leg or the practicality of the Eternity with Screens, durability is guaranteed.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Starting from $1,960 incl. GST, our prices are structured to accommodate your budget without compromising on quality. Get more for less and keep your finances in check.

  • Quick Setup: Need to move fast? We ensure quick delivery and installation for in-stock items. This means less downtime and more productivity for your team.

  • Australian Owned: Proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, we understand the local market and are committed to supporting other businesses within the community.

  • Exceptional Service: Our customer service is second to none. With various contact options like live chat, phone, and email, help is always just a moment away.

  • Warranty and Support: Enjoy peace of mind with industry-leading warranties on all our products. If anything goes awry, we're here to help.

  • Trusted by Many: We are the choice provider for diverse clients, including government offices, schools, and large corporations. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Choosing the right furniture for your office shouldn't be hard. At Office Furniture Company, we make it straightforward and stress-free. Explore our range of office furniture and find the perfect 10-person workstation that aligns with your office needs today.