Collection: Two Person Cluster

View our wide range of commercial office furniture including office desking, workstations and office tables. 

Office Furniture Company's two-person cluster collection is designed for businesses seeking ergonomic solutions to maximize productivity and comfort. These clusters, featuring high-quality desks, work pods, and more are perfect for collaborative tasks or tasks that require a quiet, focused workspace.

Two-Person Desks

Our range of two-person desks promotes collaboration while still offering each individual ample space. Our office desking range is carefully crafted for optimal ergonomics to ensure comfort, even when working for extended periods.

There are two-person double-sided desks that provide each individual with plenty of workspace and combined storage options. If you're looking for more ergonomic advantages with adjustable height, allowing for both standing and seated work, there are height adjustable back-to-back options as well. 

Work Pods

Specifically designed for small team collaboration, Office Furniture Company's range of work pods offer employees the privacy they need to focus in a busy office environment.

Maybe what you're looking for is a fully-equipped collaboration pod for two, providing sufficient privacy and a conducive environment to kick-start productivity. If soundproofing is a higher priority, that's an option as well. There are also two to four person options that provide an ideal space for meetings or brainstorming sessions with a group or for individuals needing extra space.

Creating a productive workspace starts with the right office furniture. Shop from their collection and transform your office into a space fueled by creativity and productivity.