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Meeting Tables / Boardroom Tables: Make the Right Impression in Your Office

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Elevate Your Meetings With the Right Boardroom Table

Your boardroom table speaks volumes about your company. The right table reinforces your brand, boosting your professional image in every meeting. Table shape influences dynamics; round tables encourage discussion, while rectangular tables convey hierarchy.

A well-chosen table inspires confidence in employees, clients, and partners. It's a symbol of your company's success. Your boardroom table can even double as a training or collaboration space, maximising its value within your office workstations.

You can also enhance your boardroom experience with comfortable, ergonomic chairs that promote focus and productivity. Consider adding executive-style seating or stylish storage solutions for a neat look.

Types of Boardroom Tables

Rectangular Boardroom Tables

Convey classic authority. Offer ample space for large groups and materials. Ideal for board meetings and formal presentations.

Round Boardroom Tables

Promote equality and open communication. Well-suited for smaller meetings, brainstorming sessions, and client discussions.

Modular Boardroom Tables

Provide unmatched flexibility. Easily reconfigure them for different group sizes, meeting formats, or alternative room uses.

Folding Boardroom Tables

Save valuable space. Quickly set them up when needed and store them away for multi-purpose rooms or offices with limited space.

Sit-Stand Boardroom Tables

Boost health and alertness during long meetings. Allow participants to switch between sitting and standing, promoting energy and focus. Great for companies prioritising employee well-being and innovative meeting formats.

Pair your new boardroom table with ergonomic office desking and stylish boardroom-meeting chairs to create a cohesive workspace that promotes comfort and productivity.

Choose the Ideal Meeting Table for Your Company

Size & Shape

Measure your boardroom carefully. Ensure adequate seating and comfortable movement around the table. Choose a shape that goes with the meeting atmosphere (formal vs. collaborative).

Materials & Finishes

Select materials that align with your style and budget. Wood offers warmth and tradition, glass projects modernity, and laminate provides versatility. Prioritise durability and the aesthetic you want when choosing an office table.

Style & Design

Reflect your company's image with your table selection. Choose a design that complements your overall office furniture and reinforces your brand's personality: minimalist, classic, or contemporary.

Functionality & Features

Assess how the table will be used. Integrated power outlets and cable management streamline presentations. Tech features like wireless charging might be useful.


Balance cost and value when selecting your boardroom table. Invest in quality for lasting impact, but ensure features and style align with your budget.

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