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Path Task Chair by Humanscale in Grey Frame

Path Task Chair by Humanscale in Grey Frame

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Path Task Chair by Humanscale in Grey Frame was designed to feel warm and natural in most interior settings. Its simplified, softly rounded silhouette adapts to any environment, whether in-office or at home. 

"Path is not simply an exercise in aesthetics or an assembly of pre-existing components, rather it is ground up mechanical invention, material innovation, coupled with next-level sustainability. - Todd Bracher, Path Designer

Path Task Chair by Humanscale in Grey Frame Features : 

  • Inclusivity Included : Each Path contains a patented Gravity Mechanism that use bodyweight rather than bulky controls. As you sit, the mechanism engages. When you recline, it gently lifts, so your body becomes the natural counterbalance, and is firmly supported wherever it stops. This creates virtual pivot points that allow Path to move with you in complete harmony. 
  • Form Sense Eco Knit : A mesh like textile made from upcycled plastic bottles that conforms to the body, providing self-adjusted lumbar support and tailored fit to every user, regardless of their height or weight. Each stitch is individually controlled, resulting in instantly responsive experience. 


  • Made To Last : Path is the world's most sustainable task chair due to its durability. Our exhaustive testing ensures that - beyond retaining perfect function - Path looks and feels like new after more than a decade of heavy use. 
  • Complexity Simplified : Path builds on Humanscale's legacy of minimal, ergonomical and eco-conscious design, delivering "complexity simplified'. Foregoing manual control and springs, it provides streamlines support that adjusts automatically for each unique user. With no excess parts, Path is better for you and the environment. 

  • Gravity Mechanism : Each chair contains a gravity mechanism that uses the sitter's own weight rather than knobs and levers. This creates instant, personalised support and recline for each and every user that moves with them, completely in sync with their movement. 

Technical Specifications

Seat Depth 16.30"-18.70" (414 - 475 mm)
Seat Width 20.47" (520 mm)
Backrest Height 20.67" (525 mm)
Chair Width Fixed: 23.82" (605 mm), Adjustable: 24.41" (620 mm)
Backrest Width 19.09" (485 mm)
Armrest Height Fixed: 9.21" (234 mm) Adjustable: 7.09"-10.24" (180-260 mm)
Armrest Length 9.25" (235 mm)
Distance Between Armrests Fixed: 19.88" (505 mm) Adjustable: 19.69" (500 mm)
Height 34.65"-39.76" (880-1010 mm)
Base Diameter 25" (635 mm)
Chair Weight Armless 35.5 lbs (16.1 kg) With Arms 41 lbs (18.6 kg)

Product Codes :

  • PT1 Path Chair
  • 6 - Adjustable Duron Arms
  • V - Light Gray with Dark Gray Trim
  • - - Standard
  • - - Standard Hard Casters
  • - - Standard Foams and Plastics
  • - - Standard Base to match frame color
  • - - Individually Boxed

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