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Motion Loop Example One

Motion Loop Example One

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Motion Loop Example one is a pre-configured seating arrangement made from the Motion Loop flexible seating units. The motion loop range allows for endless layout possibilities to suit any environment. Creating waiting room areas or collaborative zones is easy with simple loop forms.

This Motion Loop Example One uses the following items :

Configuration : 

  • 1 x Motion Loop Straight
  • 1 x Motion Loop Straight Back
  • 2 x Motion Loop Curved 60° Outer Back
  • 1 x Motion Loop Curved 60° Inner Back

Features : 

  • Stylish Upholstered Finish
  • Outer : Charcoal Grey
  • Inner :  Stone Grey 
  • 10 Year Warranty

Specs :

Contact us for customising Motion Loop in other Motion Felt Fabric Color Options.

Please note Pricing and Lead time varies for Non-Standard upholstery colour options. 

Have Questions ? Contact us at 1300 997 747 or email us at


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