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The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk

According to a National Health Survey, around 4 million Australians suffer from back problems. That's roughly 16% of the total population. Back problems can occur as a result of many different causes such as injury, improper posture, lack of exercise, and degenerative conditions. 

In a workplace environment, these issues can also create reduced productivity and missed work days. Employees who sit for long periods of time in their workday are most at risk. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 49.4% of all employed people between the ages of 18-64 years old characterize their job as "mostly sitting."

With the benefits of height-adjustable desks, you can turn ordinary office furniture into something incredible. Adjustable desks are innovative furniture pieces that employees and businesses alike can reap the rewards of. 

Are you interested in finding out more about the benefits of height-adjustable desks? Then keep reading for further information on the best office desk below.

Improves Posture

Back pain costs the Australian health system $4.8 billion per year on average each year. It is also the top reason for early retirement and lost work productivity. 

Sitting in the wrong type of chair for hours at a time each day can mess up the natural alignment of your spine. Those who are sedentary at their desks may be prone to slouching which results in poor blood flow and spinal misalignment. Prolonged sitting also puts more pressure on the wrong parts of your spinal cord, leading to pain and poor posture. 

One of the key benefits of height-adjustable desks is the ability to improve your posture. Because you can adjust the height to a standing level, this takes the employee out of a standard sitting position. While standing, this takes the pressure off of the spine and allows for a more natural spine alignment. 

Alleviates Musculoskeletal Discomfort

Better posture from a height-adjustable desk can help with musculoskeletal discomfort as well. This is because a person is not relying on sitting during their entire workday. It takes the pressure off of the lower spine, which often bears the brunt of standard office posture. 

Employees are given the option of changing positions more regularly throughout the day with adjustable desks. Switching up positions takes the pressure off of one stationary area of the hips and lower back. This keeps certain muscles from getting overworked or tense during the day. 

Simply using a height-adjustable desk set to a standing position can offer some much-needed relief. The less time an employee remains in the same position, the less musculoskeletal discomfort they will experience as a result. 

Reduces the Risk of Other Health Issues

Not only is prolonged sitting bad for spinal health, but it can also have a negative effect elsewhere in the body. Over time, continuous sitting can lead to other chronic health issues. These health issues include:

  • Obesity
  • Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension

Increased movement is an important part of a healthy regimen. It reduces the risk and occurrence of these potentially fatal diseases.

Having a height-adjustable desk gives employees the ability to switch up their normal office routine to a standing position. Doing this allows for a break in periods of extended sitting. 

One of the benefits of height-adjustable desks is encouraging this movement break. By implementing small changes in an otherwise stationary routine you can help reduce chronic long-term health issues.

Promotes Healthier Circulation

When you sit for long periods in a chair at a desk, the blood in your body pools in your legs. It doesn't circulate as well as it would if you were standing up and moving around. This can lead to unsightly vein diseases like varicose veins or spider veins. 

Sitting can also cause fluid build-up in the legs which leads to swelling and discomfort in the legs and feet. In rare cases, these vein problems can even cause blood clots.

By using a desk that's adjustable, you can facilitate the ability to stand at work. This can stimulate circulation in the legs and promote better overall circulation. 

Burns More Calories Than Sitting

Sitting stagnant at a desk all day isn't an effective calorie-burning practice. Recent research shows that a desk that's adjustable helps burn around 54 calories in a 6-hour period. While this doesn't seem like much, it can add up over time.

Every body type is different and based on factors like age, metabolism, height, and gender, the amount of calories burned can vary as well. For example, men may burn calories more quickly than women and younger people may have faster metabolisms than older adults.

There is also the underlying benefit of adjustable desks that they motivate more movement in general. So the simple action of just standing up might be the impetus needed to boost activity levels throughout the day and help burn more calories.

Increases Energy

Workers experience frequent dips in energy throughout the workday, particularly when it comes to the post-lunch slump. While the body is digesting food, like those heavy in sugars and carbs, sugar levels in the body increase while energy levels at work plummet.

Sitting down causes the spike in your blood sugar to nosedive as well, leading to an afternoon crash. Instead of sitting and letting your body fall into old habits, a height-adjustable desk gives your body the message to stay active.

Using a desk that's adjustable after lunch reminds your body not to fall into a slump. You can get yourself out of the energy-draining cycles of sitting too long and stay more energized throughout the day.

Stimulates Better Focus

At times, it can be hard to focus in the office all day long. Your brain isn't getting the proper oxygenation it needs to perform at optimum levels. Your focus can suffer as a result of this.

Standing while working with adjustable desks not only improves blood flow, it also increases oxygenation throughout your body. When oxygen reaches your brain effectively, it creates cortisol, a brain chemical responsible for memory, focus, and concentration. 

A height-adjustable desk reinforces better oxygenation through activity. When employees make an effort to stay active during work hours, they can stimulate better cognitive function. It can also lead to better mental health in general. 

Offers Enhanced Productivity

With more energy and focus from adjustable desks also comes enhanced productivity. This is due, in part, to the decrease in lower back pain which can be distracting. Less back pain means employees are able to better focus on the tasks at hand.

For employees with jobs that require both sitting and standing elements, they are able to transition more seamlessly from one type to the other. These employees are also more motivated to do their jobs. They will be more inclined to move around, stretch, and take short breaks as needed to keep their productivity boosted.

Along with all of the other benefits of height-adjustable desks, enhanced productivity is one of the best uses of this unique office furniture

Boosts Mood and Creativity Levels

Traditional office spaces can stifle creativity and negatively impact moods. Everyone works and flows in their own way within an office setup and should be given the freedom to do so. That's why many modern offices are seeking ways to think outside of the box when it comes to office furniture. 

Making a small change like offering a height-adjustable desk lets employees personalize their workspace. When they have more control over their work environment, they feel more in charge of their day. This simple change can lead to a better-boosted mood and can also go a long way toward helping employees bring their own sense of creativity when it comes to work tasks. 

Aids in Stress Reduction

It's easy to feel stressed out by work deadlines and high expectations. Sitting in a confined space for upwards of 8 hours a day adds to these stress levels. Employees can feel trapped and restricted in their cubicle or office setup and amp up stress levels even further. 

Giving employees the option to adjust their desks can also offer a way to reduce stress in the workplace. Moving around is a necessary part of a healthier lifestyle and it is a great way to bust stress in the workplace.

If an employee is feeling particularly stressed out, they can try adjusting their desk to a standing position. Once they're standing, they might try some gentle stretching, deep breathing exercises, or even jogging in place to alleviate their stress levels.

Lessens Eye Strain

People come in a variety of different sizes and heights, so a standard desk may not be the best office desk configuration for everyone. A taller or shorter person would not have a proper eye line with their computer. Not being in proper alignment with the computer screen can lead to eye strain which can also increase the frequency of headaches and blurry vision. 

One of the main features and benefits of height-adjustable desks is the ability to adjust the desk as needed to the proper level. This means each employee can have a more direct line of sight with their computer screen and help lessen eye strain. 

Inspires Accessibility and Inclusivity

The benefits of height-adjustable desks aren't limited to just health benefits either. Adjustable desks come in both manual height-adjustable desk and electric height-adjustable desk options. This means they are easily adaptable to a variety of different needs to find the best height-adjustable desk.

For example, an electric height-adjustable desk is ideal for an employee with a physical disability to easily set their desk height at the optimum level. For other employees like those who may be pregnant, a manual height-adjustable desk can be modified to meet their changing workspace needs. Neurodiverse employees will enjoy the ability to adapt their workspace according to their diverse preferences. 

Whether you choose a manual height-adjustable desk or an electric height-adjustable desk, you're allowing your employees to select the best office desk for their unique physical or sensory needs. 

Allows Versatility for Different Work Tasks

In a typical office, employees across different departments may not have access to the best office desk for their specific needs. With adjustable desks, each employee can have the best height-adjustable desk that is the most well-suited to their line of work. These desks can be used for:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Typing
  • Drawing
  • Assembling

A height-adjustable desk can also be used for demonstrations and giving presentations. They are even suitable for use during meetings, conferences, and brainstorming sessions. 

Enhances Collaboration in Shared Office Spaces 

Some offices may not have a lot of space to offer employees. So it becomes necessary to find ways to allow employees to share workspaces effectively, even when space is at a premium.

The versatility benefits of height-adjustable desks let you offer employees a dual workstation where both employees have access to a height-adjustable desk configuration. This permits employees at a shared desk space to adjust their side of the desk to their liking. 

With both employees able to have control over their desk height, they will be more willing to collaborate and interact with their deskmates. This makes teamwork and interaction more productive.

How to Choose a Height-Adjustable Desk

If you're sold on the benefits of height-adjustable desks, you may be wondering about the next step, how to choose a height-adjustable desk. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you get the best height-adjustable desk for your or your employees' needs. 

For shorter employees measuring 5'4" or below, look for a height-adjustable desk that is adjustable down to about 23 inches. For taller employees measuring over 6'6", you will need to search for adjustable desks that extend up at least 50 inches.

Another way to find out how to choose a height-adjustable desk is to measure your standing height. Hold your arms at a 90º angle so that you can type comfortably. 

You should also determine whether an electric height-adjustable desk or a manual height-adjustable desk will best suit you or your employees' needs. This may vary based on specific requirements and budget constraints. 

Explore More Benefits of Height-Adjustable Desks at Office Furniture Company

With all of the numerous benefits of height-adjustable desks, you'll wonder why you didn't order one sooner. A height-adjustable desk is a versatile and highly adaptable piece of office furniture. It is the best office desk for your employees' comfort.

Office Furniture Company is your top source for adjustable desks, tables, seating, storage, and other office furniture needs in Australia. We offer top-quality office furniture with great customer service. Our Best Price Guarantee Policy means we'll beat any authorized reseller partner price in Australia.

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