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Inapod S Pod Single Person Phone Booth

Inapod S Pod Single Person Phone Booth

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Inapod S Pod Single Person Phone Booth is a sound proof office booth suitable for uninterrupted work and making important calls. 

S POD privacy booth is a comfortable and well ventilated space with great acoustic properties, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity.

Power and connectivity are seamless, with continuous power supply for your gadgets and direct connection to your office network.

Acoustic Certification : 

Certified by TUV Singapore -32dB/NIC 

This pod is soundproofed for absolute quiet, making it also perfect for phone and video/zoom calls. Listen HERE


Inapod S Pod Single Person Phone Booth Features : 

  • Ease of assembly : Flat packed and can be up and running in 1.5 hours 
  • Comfortable and Breathable with well ventilated space 
  • Energy Efficient with sensor based on-off switch, external light in-use function and ventilation fan to ensure electricity consumption is as low as possible
  • Retractable and Portable : Easily dismantled, moved and reinstalled. Integrated ball bearing to roll around allowing ease of mobility in any space. 
  • Highest Quality: Sophisticated automation machinery ensures consistency of quality, while robust construction using galvanized materials creates the finest quality.

Technical Features :

  • Includes laminated worktop 
  • AH Meyer Power & USB Charging
  • Lighting: 18w 12Vdc Recessed LED Strip Light
  • Ventilation Access
  • Motion Sensor 
  • Wireless Dimmer 
  • Electro galvanised 1.2mm thick steel - All metal construction. 
  • 10mm Double Laminated Glass Door and rear Wall
  • Fabric Material: Polyester Fiber Acoustic Material. 
  • Fire Rating: Acoustic Board, Carpet and Polyester Foam Fire Rated
  • Cat 6 Outlet for added internet speed should be required.
  • Power Cord from Booth: 3 Metre from Right Side

Specs : 

  • S POD - Includes Laminated Shelf
  • Freight dimensions 2280 x 1140 x 670h
  • Cubic 1.74m3
  • Packing Weight 430kg
  • Net Weight 350kg
  • Internal dimensions 800 x 910 x 2000h
  • External dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 2170h
  • Area 1.9m3
  • 5 Year Warranty for body parts, external mechanism, except negligence during or after installation.
  • 2 Year Warranty for electrical component. 


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