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Hush Office Meet 4 Persons Pod

Hush Office Meet 4 Persons Pod

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Hush Office Meet 4 Persons Pod is an additional, independent space for your office. It allows you to conduct meetings in a comfortable and secure environment with advanced acoustic solutions. Additionally, the closed space provides a feeling of privacy which ensures that everyone within the Hush Meet can feel at ease. The pod is an excellent alternative to small conference rooms and can be placed wherever you want!

Hush Office Meet 4 Persons Pod Features : 

  • Anti-collision door manifestation
  • Toughened acoustic glass with high quality handle
  • Door within the aluminium frame includes an acoustic seal
  • Acoustic lined fabric panels
  • Levelling feet
  • Led ceiling light with dimmer
  • Ventilation system activated by a presence sensor
  • Option to hang a TV screen on the central panel
  • Power module (Power + USB + RJ45)
  • Two upholstered benches
  • Possibility to move without disassembly

Finishes : 

  • Exterior Case Colour: White OR Cosmos Grey option
  • Column Colour: Cosmos Grey
  • Back Glass Colour: Clear
  • Fabric Colour (back panel and armrest): WOOL Silver 03 (TSI)
  • Fabric Colour (other fabric elements): WOOL Pelikan 57 (TPC)
  • Frame Colour: Grey
  • Table Top Colour: White
  • Cableway: Yes
  • Type of Power Module: Australian
  • Type of Foam: Non Flammable

Specs : 

Shipping Crate Dimensions: L 2250mm x W 1674mm x H 1242mm
Dimensions: W 2150mm x D 1390mm x H 2300mm

For any questions or additional information, get in touch at 1300 99 77 47 or e mail us at 



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