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Unlocking the World of Office Chairs

In the world of office furniture, much like the vast and diverse land of Australia, the same item can go by multiple names. Just as a humble fried potato can be dubbed a scallop or a potato cake depending on where you find yourself down under, office chairs, too, come with an array of monikers. This terminology maze is a result of branding and fierce competition among manufacturers, leaving many bewildered when trying to compare apples to apples. In this enlightening article, we endeavour to unravel the enigma that surrounds office chair classification. We'll provide clarity by elucidating the different categories of office chairs and showcase some noteworthy examples from our very own Office Furniture Company.

Task Chairs:

As the name implies, task chairs are designed to support you during those long hours of work. Picture the standard ergonomic computer chair that graces an office workstation. Task chairs are characterized by castor wheels for easy mobility, ergonomic back support, a gas lift system, and a plethora of adjustment mechanisms to fine-tune your seating experience.

While the term "task chair" is widely accepted, some manufacturers employ alternative descriptors for various reasons. These may include desk chair, workstation chair, swivel chair, computer chair, or ergonomic adjustable desk chair.

Our impressive line-up of task chairs includes the entry-level EVO, the luxuriously comfortable Urban Mesh, and the executive-tier Balance Executive.


Flexible Seating:

Flexible seating encompasses any type of seating that is versatile or temporary in nature. These chairs may boast practical accessories such as folding arm tablets or the ability to be easily stored away through folding or stacking.

You'll often find flexible seating options in classrooms, training areas, conference spaces, and auditoriums. Consequently, these chairs may also be referred to as "training chairs," "conference chairs," or "student chairs."

Examples of flexible seating options from Office Furniture Company include the Logic Chair and the Adapta, designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs.


Fixed Seating:

Fixed seating, as the name suggests, refers to chairs without castors. These chairs are typically found in office reception areas, lunchrooms, and breakout spaces. Like their counterparts, fixed seating too has a variety of aliases, including "bar leaners," "stools," "guest" chairs, or "reception" seating.

Some of our most popular fixed seating options at OFC include the Game Chair, Luna Barstool, and the Zipp Chair, perfect for creating inviting communal areas.


Meeting Room Seating:

Reserved exclusively for meeting rooms and boardrooms, this category of seating ushers in a premium level of comfort and sophistication to temporary seating arrangements. These chairs, also known as "boardroom chairs," often feature high-end elements like leather upholstery and extended neck support.

Among the exquisite meeting room chairs offered by Office Furniture Company, you'll find the Mode Midback, Metro Boardroom, and the Boston, elevating your board meetings to new heights of opulence.


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