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Our Top 5 Favourite Office Desks

At Office Furniture Company we offer a wide variety of Office Desking that we love, but we wanted to gear down and list some of our most popular desks for our customers. 

This blog is the perfect place to begin for those on the lookout for the idea office desk. We have something for everyone with a range of desking manufactured from high quality, premium materials featuring designs that are guaranteed to turn heads. 

So without further ado, here are our top 5 favourite desks in no particular order that we offer at Office Furniture Company. 

#1 Anvil Desk 


A streamlined desking system built to blend into any modern office, the Anvil Desks have long been a crowd favourite.

Anvil Single Straight Office Desk with well proportioned leg shape is a dynamic statement in style that creates a strong and sophisticated aesthetic for your office environment.

Very durable and sturdy yet equally simple and elegant as a modular workstation in a large office or as a home office desk.


#2 Axis Desk 


Minimalistic and sleek, the Axis desk system is perfect for creating a tidy, clean looking office space. Equally at home in open plan spaces and private offices. Choose from two frame colours, two worktop colours & 10 worktop sizes.


#3 Plantation Desk

Plantation desks are perfect for bringing a softer look into an office space. The strong frame and refined angles work well in any space. The Office desk leg has been turned to ensure the maximum room under the desk for pedestals and other office accessories.

#4 Potenza Desk

The Potenza Desk is a modern and stylish executive desk, perfect for all office environments. It's shar nose edging with exquisite finishes is sure to turn heads. Added benefits include ample storage, sturdy structure and various sizes. 


#5  Agile Electric Height Adjustable Desks 

Agile Electric Height Adjustable Desk is an ideal sit to stand desk system for every modern office.
Full of ergonomic features, these sit stand desks are Affordable, Practical & Effective.


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