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Inspired from Nature : Plantation Workstations

In today's dynamic workspaces, the need for office furniture that seamlessly marries the natural world with modern design and adaptability has never been greater. The Plantation family of office desking and office tables in solid Oak accomplishes precisely this, bringing the warmth and beauty of timber into the office while utilizing contemporary manufacturing methods and materials for durability that stands the test of time.


A Nature-Inspired Office Environment:

Plantation isn't just a line of furniture; it's a statement that echoes the beauty of nature within the confines of your office. This collection effortlessly adapts to both individual and group spaces, catering to focused tasks and social interactions alike. Designed with today's creative working environments in mind, Plantation offers a practical and thoughtful solution that accommodates a wide array of working styles and configurations.

Flexibility Meets Sustainability:

The modular components of Plantation increase flexibility and reusability while simplifying end-of-life strategies. Meanwhile, its minimal chassis structure optimizes leg room and storage space, making room for accessories and cable management, thus ensuring a tidy and organized workspace.

Aesthetic Excellence:

The Plantation Office Desking is renowned for its ability to transform any office into a visually appealing, inviting space. The secret lies in the design—combining a robust frame with refined angles. This harmonious blend of strength and elegance ensures that these workstations seamlessly complement any office decor, whether it's a contemporary startup or a traditional corporate environment.

Functional Ingenuity:

One of the standout features of the Plantation Workstations is the meticulous attention to detail in their design. Specifically, the office desk leg has been ingeniously turned to maximize the room beneath the desk. This clever design element allows for the accommodation of pedestals, drawers, and various office accessories, enhancing your workspace's practicality and organization.

Unveiling the Product Features:

Let's delve deeper into the key attributes of the Plantation Workstations:

1. Leg Construction: The sturdy legs of these workstations are constructed with a black powder coat top housing and are complemented by a natural finish solid oak, lending them both durability and a touch of sophistication.

2. Configurations: The Plantation Workstations are available in both single desk and DSD (Double Sided Desk) configurations, providing you with flexibility in setting up your office space to meet your specific needs.

3. Durability: To ensure longevity, these workstations come with black powder coat rails and connectors, making them highly resistant to wear and tear.

4. Optimal Worktop Height: The worktop height of 720 mm is ergonomically designed, promoting a comfortable and efficient working environment.

5. Adjustable Foot: Equipped with a 25mm adjustable foot, these workstations can be customized to suit your space requirements and maintain stability.

6. Melamine Worktop: The 25mm E0 grade substrate melamine worktop is finished in studio white, featuring a matching 2mm PVC edge. This combination not only adds a clean and contemporary look but also ensures resilience against daily office activities.

7. Sustainable Sourcing: The timber used in the Plantation Workstations is sourced from an FSC Certified Forest, highlighting the commitment to environmentally responsible production.

8. Angled Legs: The unique design element of having legs at a 75-degree angle adds a touch of uniqueness and flair to these workstations.

Additional Details:

Fast Assembly: Plantation Workstations come mostly assembled, reducing installation time to less than 5 minutes per frame.

Various Legs Connections: Choose between straight or splay leg connectors to suit different applications and aesthetics.

A Family To Choose From: The Plantation collection offers versatility with options for 3 and 4-leg single-sided desks, as well as 2, 4, and 6-user double-sided desking combinations.

Slick Look: The sustainably sourced 50 x 70mm timber legs are expertly turned to maximize room under the desk, providing both a sleek appearance and practical functionality.

In conclusion, the Plantation Workstations represent the perfect fusion of nature's elegance and modern practicality for your office space. With a commitment to sustainability, adaptability, and a timeless design, these workstations are poised to enhance your workplace aesthetics and functionality while supporting the ever-evolving demands of today's creative working environments. Elevate your office with Plantation and experience the harmony of nature and innovation in your workspace.



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