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AYLA : The ultimate café chair

A beautiful design with continuous free flowing curves, Ayla is as versatile as it is elegant with a great range of six pastel shell colours to choose from and a collection of bases.

Ayla is easy to clean, with smooth surfaces that are specially designed to inhibit the build-up of any unwanted grime or germs. The one piece seat shell flexes gently for added comfort and an optional fixed seat pad can be upholstered in your specified fabric or leather.

Alongside the food, café furniture also plays a vital role in how memorable an eatery is. The décor, colours and design have a great impact on the users experience. 

There are 5 key aspects that can make of break a good café interior, and Ayla caters to them all ! 


The One Piece Flex Shell of the Ayla Chair moulds to you, providing the most comfortable dining experience. With a weight rating of 110 Kgs, this light chair is sturdy and reliable !

For extra comfort the Ayla also comes with a seat pad option. It doesn't get better than that ! 


Colour choices play an important role in selecting the perfect café chair for your theme. Colours are known to impact the human phycology and create an ambient environment. The Ayla Chair is designed with an array of 6 colours to suit your style and different spaces.



While looks are important part of café design, we cannot ignore the importance of practicality. One aspect that sets Ayla apart is easy to clean surfaces that are free of any unwanted grime or germs. Hassle-free maintenance to keep any unwanted grime or germs away.


Buying furniture is an investment and is not taken seriously by most entrepreneurs and businessmen. The Ayla chair is light yet sturdy with a weight rating of 110 Kgs and a manufacturers warranty of 5 years. 



The Ayla chair comes in an array of customisable options, providing a budget friendly solution for businesses of all sizes. 

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